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I'm Dr. Monique Adu

A Pediatrician,

 Homeschool Mom,

and Keeper of My Home. 

Small Doses of
Information to Live By

When your busy, but want to have accessible pearls to
guide your life, and home,
or just a place you can trust, to find sound advice for yourself and family, you can find them here.
From a P
ediatrician, and Mom wanting to provide the best for her family, and yours. 
You will
find helpful information about living a sustainable, largely Whole Food Plant Predominant Lifestyle, and the remarkable ways it can provide health, prevent disease,
reverse chronic ailments, and so many more benefits. 

You will also find helpful tips, and tools for the family, home, homeschool, budgeting, money saving, gardening, wholesome recipes, nutrition,
so much more.
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Did you know that millions of Americans are living with Fatty liver disease (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease),
and they have NO Idea?

Eating whole, and unprocessed foods can help
us prevent this problem easily. 
Childhood Behavioral Disorders and the Food Connection
How can foods help children to decrease their cognitive dysfunction, and what you and your doctor can do?
From Autism to ADHD. 

Video Library on Various Topics in Health and Sustainability