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Make Your Own Body Balm

Make your own luxurious, safe, soothing and inexpensive body balm and creams with simple ingredients. In this video I show you how to make the body balm that I use for my family. It is a great option for those that want to heal dry cracked and irritated skin.

Making my own came from being inspired by the book: "The Big Book of Homemade Products For Your Skin, Health, and Home: Easy All-Natural DIY Projects Using Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants. By Jan Berry

NOTE: Always try a new product on a small area of skin, before using all over.


Sweet Almond Oil: Nature's Oil

Beeswax Pastilles in White: Nature's Oil

Organic Coconut Oil: Member's Mark from Sam's Club

Lavender Essential Oil: BioMed Balance from Azure Standard

Peppermint Essential Oil: Bio Med Balance from Azure Standard

Tamunu Oil: NOW Solutions

Tea Tree Oil: Shea Moisture



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