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Want to Start Homeschooling, or Gain More Tools in Navigating Your Way as a Homeschool Mom? 

When I started my homeschooling journey, three years ago, it would have been so helpful to me, to have someone to walk me through the steps and the choices I had to make.


However, not in specifically telling me what I should do, but showing me, and providing me with an understanding of the options, I had out there for my children, and our homeschool. 

The world of homeschooling has continued to grow immensely, and decisions, and choices can often be overwhelming. So a step-by-step guide, and overview, could prevent lot's of time lost, and stress. 

I'd love to help guide you in your homeschooling process, no matter what stage you are in, whether thinking about starting, or years deep within the teaching of your children. I hope to provide simple steps and understanding to provide peace, and effective tools in your homeschool for years to come. 

My Story

I'm Dr. Monique Adu, a pediatrician, now having turned homeschool mom, and keeper of my home.

Homeschooling, was never on my mind when my children, were still in private school systems. However, homeschooling, fell right into my lap, after the pandemic of 2019, when schools were shutting down, for some time, and or transitioning to online models. After much thought, prayer, and observation of my children and how they learned, my husband and I made the decision to homeschool.


With this decision, we have never looked back, and we love it. I especially love being able to tailor my children's learning according to their needs, learning styles, and what works best for them.


With the experience I have gained, and honestly a love for teaching my children, I hope to bring you some peace, tools, and clarity, in your homeschooling journey. 

What Does a Consultation Include?

1. A Getting to Know Your Needs and Concerns Form: That You Would Complete Prior to Our Meeting. Sent to you by E-mail. This helps me to prepare and have ready, all the tools I would like to share based on your personal form submission. 

2. A one hour 1 on 1 Zoom or Phone Call Session with Me: Allowing us to discuss your needs, your goals, and ways that can help you to accomplish them for your particular homeschool. 

3. A Summary Document of What We Discussed, and the Tools Suggested for Your Personal Needs: Sent via E-mail within 24 hours of our session. 

What Does a Consultation Not Include? 

1. Legal or state specific advice: This would need the expertise of someone trained in homeschool law, and I am not an expert in this area. 

2. Official diagnosis of special needs, or assistance with special educational services: This requires, you to spend time with your health or medical professional, or state education service professional, to help you really find understanding, and a way forward that best fits your family. 

3. Family or personal counseling: Though I am a Pediatrician, it would be best for you to take time with your own trusted health professional for any counseling needs you may have. I am not able to provide this for you. 

Why the Fee? 

When you book a consultation with me, I will have prepared, and tailored a plan to personally fit your needs, and this takes time and thoroughness. I want to provide value to you, and give to you, what I would like to have for myself. Because of this. I do have to charge a small consultation fee for the preparation, effort, and the time I will spend with you. 

Let's Work Together: Book a Consult

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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