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Want to Homeschool, But Don't Feel Qualified? 

Have you ever felt that you were not qualified enough to homeschool your children? Or have you heard comments from other people that question your ability as a homeschooling parent?


If you have had any doubts, or you need some encouragement, as you are already homeschooling, this post is for you. 

You Don't Need a High Level of Training or an Advanced Degree to Homeschool Your Children

Guess what? All the education and training that I have gained in order to be a physician, a pediatrician, and someone taking care of the health of many people...none of that has prepared me to be a homeschooling mother. However, what it has done, is added to my journey in general as a person, and as a human being.

It has added value. It has added different perspectives, that I can then give to my children, but it does not directly move or fuel my abilities to teach them.

I want you to feel empowered whenever you have the feeling that you are not able, or that you are not enough to teach your children. When those feelings of doubt come creeping in, and you just feel that you are not equipped and that you could never teach your children even from infancy all the way up through high school, remind yourself that you are capable, and that you can do it. 

The teaching of our children is so, so individualized, and honestly, we are "students" of our students. We are continual learners, when we homeschool, and there is no specific degree, even that found with teachers or in education, that will fully prepare you, to be a great teacher to your children. Previous skill and educational training, only give us some data and some experience to draw from, but it is not necessary to be an effective teacher to our children. 

True teaching ability, comes from jumping in. At this time, at the moment when they are here with us and learning of them, learning how they learn, figuring out what works best, as we teach the variety of subjects. 

Quite honestly, it comes from learning on the job. Your job is a teacher, a homemaker, a keeper of your home. And yes, you may have some background knowledge, background information, but the learning comes from the hands-on skills and time that you take while you're on the job.


I can say within my medical training that the real understanding of taking care of patients, did not come from the medical books or from medical school or from residency training.

It came from being with the patient one on one with them right there. Seeing what their issues are, trying to discover what their illness is, learning from their history, gaining information through their physical exam. This is how I was able to give the best of my abilities and treat each patient. So, you have a little skillset that you learn from life, but the real understanding and the real ability to do what you must, is from being within the situation, being within that moment, and honestly just learning from the ground up.

You don't have to have any special degree, because learning should never end. Beyond my medical training, I have a biology degree, but I still need to go to the textbooks so that I can teach my children complex algebra, or information about linear equations, geometry, grammar rules, and more.

If we stop learning, that is a life of stagnancy. That's not a life of growth and really a fruitful life. Because you have stopped your ability to open yourself up to learning and just experiencing all the beauty and wonder that there is, that we only skim the surface of. 


Last weekend, as we read our Bible during Sabbath, on Saturday, my husband was just saying, "Wow, we have read this chapter, over and over again, in the past, yet we never saw this particular aspect." We were reading about King Hezekiah and how he had sought the Father to heal him and to prolong his life. (2 Kings 20) 


We hadn't even noticed that, it spoke about placing a fig treatment on his wound, to help to heal it. That was quite eye opening, and so helpful for me to see, as someone wanting to learn, all I can about healing herbs, foods, and medicines from the Bible. So, our learning never ends, and even moreso as we take part in reading our Bibles. 

Let's now get into some of the practicalities, because some may ask, well, what about state laws? What kind of things may be required? The H S L D A website is a great resource, that takes you through all of the United States requirements. Specifically, take a look at Teacher Requirements under your state. Many states, if having a requirement, mostly ask for a minimum of a high school diploma, and others, no specific teaching requirement at all.

Check out their website here: Homeschool Laws By State (


As I think about the future, and teaching high school subjects, I am already preparing myself by reading through different books and curriculum. I love to learn, so this is a great joy for me. Try and learn as you can. Get some books from the library. You don't have to buy anything in particular, but you can start looking at algebra. You can start looking at geometry, calculus, the grammatical rules of English years in advance of your student's needing them. Immerse yourself in learning, so that you can be a great resource to your children. Also be aware that you don't have to teach all the subjects for high school, as you can outsource them, by using tools and resources designed to help in the teaching of high school students. 

In addition, get some good books, that challenge you. Read wholesome ones, so that you may grow your mind and your spirit. Of course include your Bible because that is the primary source of knowledge, the primary source of wisdom. If you can do this, keeping yourself well read, you are going to be one of the best teachers that your children can have.

Far, far surpassing any school system and any teacher that honestly has their hands full with a class of 25 to 30 or more students. So, keep this in mind. If ever you feel like you are not able to teach your students, you can do it. Take it from me. Understand, you don't need to have a high level of education.

May this be a blessing for you, and your walk as a teacher of your children. 

You can view my full video here below on this topic. 

Many blessings to you in this journey! 



Please let me know if I can be of help to you. 

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