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Freshly Picked Food

Here on my Whole Food Plant Based/Plant Predominant page, you will find information on how, wisely choosing the foods you eat, not only treats, but can prevent and reverse many of the illnesses that plague our society today.


Learning about the ways highly nutritious whole foods can help us thrive, and how easy they are to prepare and enjoy, is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and family. 

Healing through paying attention to what we eat, and give our family, is the best medicine we can provide. 

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Note: It is healthy and wise to always learn and continue to fine tune, and refine our knowledge and practices. Right now, I am under the understanding that meats, and oils, if eaten, must be done sparingly, but do not have to be avoided 100%. For example, source organic grass fed-meats, and Low Mercury fish,use cold pressed minimally processed oils that have no chemical extraction methods. Additionally, use meat and oil as condiments, sparingly, when cooking, and think of them as flavoring agents, rather than bulk components of our meals. (June 2023) 

Starting a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle, may not be easy at first. However, once begun, the rewards are immense, life changing and even generational.


Please reach out to me, if you would like to have any questions. 

Sometimes, just having a little guidance can help us a long way. 

Dr. Monique Adu,


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