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Learn to Read with Me

Knowing how to read, is a gift. 

It will allow for the eventual reading of
the Bible.

The book that helps us to know of the Father,
in Heaven, and to walk in His ways.


So may this be a blessing to you.

"Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has
Proverbs 14:33

In my "Learn to Read With Me, McGuffey's Series", I use the Original McGuffey's Eclectic Primer Book, a tool from the 1800's, that uses simple, and easy steps to move a learner forward into

their journey to becoming a confident reader.

We go lesson by lesson. The lessons start out slowly, and then progress.

We even touch upon some early grammar skills: i.e. periods, question marks, exclamation, capitalization, commas, assumptions we can make from the beginning of a story,

Godly character, God in creation, and more.


There are a total of 18 lessons. In the Introduction lesson, I have also provided a free PDF of my book 

"A to Z Make Up the Letters and Words That Were Read to Me".


In this book we go through the A to Z letters of the alphabet, with interesting short sentences for review. 

This has been done in order to be a blessing to the Mommy, Daddy, and Teacher out there, wanting to have a place to start to teach their child/children to read. 

Please let me know if I can help you along the way. 

My Story

Welcome! I'm Monique, a pediatrician, turned homeschool mom, and keeper of my home. I am always looking for solid

and valuable ways to teach my children.

As I take this journey, and find treasures, I love to share them,

so that they will be a help for others.

I hope this series, will be a blessing for you!


Please find below all of my Learn to Read Series Videos. Take your time with your learner, as they go through them. Building a solid foundation, will help them in the long run, and it is best not to rush. Every child is different. Sometimes you may see great leaps and bounds of growth, and at other times, there will be a slowness/gradualness to their learning, and that is normal and ok! 

"Understanding is a fountain of life to him who has it,... Proverbs 16:22
A to Z Reading  Resource
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