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Grocery Hauls That Save Me Money: Buying in Bulk to Stock the Pantry Frugally

As a frugal mom, and someone wanting to steward our finances well, I really find value in purchasing from a company I trust, that provides me with bulk, organic, non-GMO foods, and home items. I find it to be so helpful to take a peek into the shopping carts or grocery hauls, of other mom's out there, so that I can glean new ideas, and find ways to continue to save money, while providing healthy food, that may not always come straight from my garden.


Take a look at a collection of some of my grocery hauls, and how I use the ingredients and produce, the nutritional value, and the money savings that come with each trip. When buying bulk goods, it is important to note, that you may pay more money up front in order to obtain that large item. However, you save so much in the long term, pound for pound, because you cut out the middleman, that big box stores, often have to contend with, as well as excessive small packaging. 

For Azure Standard, I pick up my groceries, from a drop on specified days, from a truck delivery spot, where other likeminded people gather, to pick up their delicious and healthy, health minded goods. 

There is a charge calculated by weight, to drive the goods over, but it is way less, than if we were to have the produce mailed out via commercial delivery services. 

All you have to do, to get access to this wonderful service, is join a drop on their web site based on your location. There is no membership fee, and you can even choose to purchase smaller items, if you don't want to have that 50 lb bag of wheatberries, that my family and I personally enjoy having. You order based on your needs and your pantry requirements. 

I mainly shop with Azure Standard, and I really find value in what they provide, and would recommend them to anyone, without a doubt. We have been using them for several years now. 


Azure Standard is a family-owned company providing healthy, organic, Non-GMO, Foods, Health and Beauty, Household and Family, Nutritional Supplements, Outdoor and Garden products, and more.


My Azure Standard Link can be found below, if you would like to start ordering from them: Thank you for using my code if you do!

My Code to Use for Your First Azure Standard Order: MoniqueAdu1



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