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Top 10 Tips to Grow Lasting Wealth: Frugal Living and a Wealth Mindset

Have you wanted to have peace of mind? Do you want long lasting wealth, and the ability to be a blessing to others, because you are financially able? If so, you have landed at the right place. In this page, I am sharing with you my Top 10 Tips for Growing Lasting Wealth, through Frugal Living Tips, and an Impactful Wealth Mindset. 

Top 10 Tips for Long Lasting Wealth

1. Live Below Your Means: 

Many of us often times find ourselves in debt because we are spending and living above what our money allows for us. Because of this, we are often heavy laden, with debt, and expenses that we should have never incurred. This is one of the reasons why, it is wise to live under your income level. Live as if you are receiving less than you are gaining, and spend in the same way. Do not find yourself buying expensive items and laying up for yourself "treasures on earth": (Matthew 6:19). Instead, learn to save, and then set yourself to be able to be a blessing to others, by having that extra income, that can be used as a tool. In fact, there are multiple rich people all over the world, that actually live under their means. They have learned how to spend in a non-extravagant manner, and because of this, they are able to make large contributions, that can help others.

2. Avoid the comparison trap: 

Try to resist comparing yourself with what you see others have. It is easy to look at the beautiful pictures, the houses, the cars, the luxury that other people have, and wonder why, you don't have it. Some of us may even become envious of others wealth, and then begin to dwell on it. This can consume our time and waste our energy. Instead, work with what you have, and where you are. You have no idea, how these people you are looking at have gained their wealth, or the problems they have because of it, and comparing and contrasting your life with theirs, is an exercise of futility. It will get us nowhere. Instead, work on how you can be wise and prudent in your spending, with what you have, and how to appreciate your own blessings. 


3. Be content and thankful: 

Having a spirit of thankfulness, and joy, will allow you to have such peace in your life. No matter, what financial situation or circumstance you are in. Being content, is something that can be obtained in all walks of life, and in all financial states. When thankful, you are then able to stop looking inwards, and instead, you start to see how much you truly do have, and what you can do to be a help to others. You will then find satisfaction in the simplest things of life, that truly do last. 

4. Grow your skills where you are: 

Learn how to build yourself up and improve the value you can provide to others and yourself, by learning new skills. Whether, that be cooking, gardening, baking fresh bed, or building projects around the home. These are things, that last with you, because they live in your mind, no matter where you are, or how much money you have. Skills, cannot be taken away, and you can then teach others, and multiply the expertise, you have by bringing value to other people's lives.  

5. Pay off your debt while balancing your home: 

Make sure you set your mind to pay off your debt, and work hard to not incur any more. Strive to pay it off wisely, while making sure you balance the managing of your home. Look where you could possibly gain more income, whether it be a side job, or providing a valuable service to others, or cancelling a subscription you don't need. This can help you to have more income, that will then help in paying off your debt faster. 

Work on avoiding being a "servant to the lender". (Proverbs 22:7)

6. Not spending big in order to live "big": 

Avoid being pulled in by what the media shows us, as examples of a "good time". We are often given pictures, of people spending large amounts of money on parties, drinking, eating and the like. This is a hole, that we don't want to step in, because it can lead to much grief, and even unwise behaviors and decisions. Learn to find happiness in the simple things of life, not the "big things", that this world shows us. Often times, experiences, spending time with family, or taking time out to reflect alone, can be so rewarding an fulfilling, without having to spend much, if anything at all. 

7. Experience over spending: 

If you are going to spend money, than put it towards a valuable experience, rather than on dishing out large amounts of money, to follow what most people are choosing to do. It is the experiences of life, especially, when shared with loved ones, that really make an expense worth the money spent. 

8. Frugal and simple living: 

Nurture a mindset of frugal choices, and simple living. Just having an easy, and simplified life, will save you so much stress, and save so much money in your pocket. Think back to the times of our grandparents, and those before. They did not have to spend a lot of money, to laugh, find joy, or have a good time. They lived together, worked together, and found value in simple moments, and each other. Having this mindset, is more important, than ever before, when this world is offering the opposite. They are offering a life of mass expenses, rapid paced living, and constant pressure to amass more and more. I for one, don't want to choose the latter, I would prefer to have a peaceful and simple life, without regret, and peace. 

9. Do not incur more debt: 

Make it a decision your life, that you are not going to bring any more debt or expense in your life, when you still have not paid off previous debts. Buy what you need with available cash, avoid using credit cards, and please do not take out loans, if you really don't need them. Credit cards, and loans, should only be considered, if you have a necessary large expense, or for emergencies. 

10. There is wealth in health: 

This principle is one of the biggest ones, that we should grasp. If we don't have health, we are often hindered, in being at our best level, of fulfilling our purpose in life, with full vigor, and ability. If you set your mind, to do all things to bring health to your body, mind, and spirit, than all the other things that you would like fall into place, especially so when you are seeking the Father in heaven, for wisdom and insight.


There are so many people, that had all the wealth they could ask for, but did not have their health. When this happened they probably quickly came to realize, that their wealth could no longer do anything for them. Without their health, they had little, if anything at all. Whatever you do, make it your purpose to live a clean lifestyle, and be purposeful about what you put in your body, or before your mind. Make sure it is healthy, uplifting, and good for your spirit. Grow your own organic foods. Avoid toxic chemicals, and exposures. Do not watch that which is destructive, or just "amusing", but not something to build you or your family up. This will give you long lasting health, and truly the long lasting wealth that matters. 

Many blessings to you, 

Dr. Monique Adu 


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