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Crocheting: A Useful and Sustainable Skill Using Natural Resources

I have recently found a satisfying and useful tool to add to my set of skills. That is the art of crochet. You can make beautiful garments, such as scarves, gloves, handwarmers, sweaters, blankets, toys, and so much more.

This not only allows you to make practical things, but you can also use natural materials that will give you the ability to move away from the chemically processed clothing items, and gear that we often purchase. This will give you cleaner living, and save you money in the long run, as your handmade garments will be able to withstand many wears and time.

There are so many books and resources out there.

One of the books I have been using recently is DK "The Crochet Book: Over 130 Techniques and Stitches"

It has an array of projects and instructions from clothing, toys, and household items.

In my first 2 crochet projects, I have made hand warmers, and neck warmer/cowls for myself and family.

I have posted these 2 videos with step-by-step instructions and details.

The Yarn brand that I am really enjoying is "Lion Brand". I really appreciate their virgin Fishermen's Wool yarn. It is soft, and easy to work with, and untreated pure wool yarn. It can also be hand dyed to your own color choice, if you were to choose to do so.

I am also really enjoying the Aluminum crochet hooks from "Boye" brand. They help you go through your work smoothly and help produce clean results. They are also very sturdy.

I also use my homemade Body balm on my hands to keep them nice and soft as I crochet.

I will leave the link here for you to try it yourself.

Try your own hand at learning how to crochet and see how many useful things you can make!


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