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Homeschool Fun: Diagramming for Study, and Looking into the Amazing Design of Our World and Body

As your child's home school teacher, you have the unique opportunity, to not only provide information, but to also spark a healthy curiosity for the intricate and wonderful world we live in. The human body, is the absolute work of an Awesome Power, as it is from the mind of God. Because of this, we can never truly grasp by our own human abilities, how He exactly operates. This week we delved into the study of the eye.

Did you know that the eye is consistently providing input, shaping, re-shaping and working with our nervous system to provide us a clear and polished image. It is estimated that over 1 billion impulses per second are continuously carried out via the eye and the neurological system; and this is just for the eye alone. What an amazing Creator we have.

Share these wonders, and more of our world, with your children, and even have some fun, drawing your own models for display. In doing so, we learn more and more about God's wonders, as we grow closer to Him, and you are able to cover not only, the obvious Sciences, but also English and Writing, as you interpret what you have read, and Math as you ponder the numbers that correspond with your study, just to name a few.


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