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When one of us are down, we should not look the other way.

In the past couple of weeks the world has been exposed to some very inhuman, and outright unjust actions that were taken against many; ie. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and multiple others black, and white whose lives have been taken away, or significantly threatened by those that are in positions of authority misusing their positions.

If some are wondering why, there is so much focus now however, on black lives, it is partly from my observation because, many incidents such as this of the harming of black people or minorities, has been happening now for hundreds of years, even in the background of laws that have been passed to make all equal despite one's color. This sadly should not even be the case, as none of us choose the skin we are in prior to our arrival on earth, and we are all inherently the same.

Despite the steps taken in our history to provide all a fair chance at life, and human endeavor, this has not been fully applied to, or appreciated by many. Now there are some that may say that this unfairness is just not the case, and that all is well and equal for all.

However, if one was to just pool the multiple experiences, and differences that black families and minorities face, one can easily see, that though we have taken steps forwards, there are many things that continue to set us back; ie. unspoken rules that apply to some, but not others ie. with regards to housing, schooling, job equality, etc... It is obvious that those born in brown skin, have to face a different set of challenges. Despite this however, many of us have overcome and continue to teach our children to do the same. So progress is possible.

With the recent events unfolding, and lives lost, the history of pain and upset took a turning point, and expression that many have not seen in their life time before.

So I can see and understand the upset, anger, and sadness. However, if there are those just making more chaos out of a difficult situation, that is not ok, no matter what color one may be.

It is important though to voice out the injustice and take a stand until things change.

When one of us are down, we should never look the other way.

As a nation, we need to self-reflect, and see how we each can play a role in making things better, and what we may each be doing albeit unconsciously that make things worse. Our children, are watching us, and they are going to need wise, humble, and strong leaders to help them navigate this world of many peoples, different, but yet still the same. May God strengthen us to follow His lead, and not our first gut feelings.

"He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city." Proverbs 16:32

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