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Do It Together as a Family

As I came home today from a busy day at work, I was greeted by 3 excited and smiling faces, which always brighten my heart, and give me renewed strength. Those faces take away all the fatigue and aches I would have felt. After a warm shower, and a new gust of energy, I wanted to do some decorating. With my personality I love to have things done in a particular way, so as my little ones asked if they could help, I slowly said yes. Because, at the end of all the wanted details, and personality to control specifics, these are the moments that will last a life time. Don't be surprised when your children think back on days like these, when you did things together. So let those little ones join in, even if its going to be a mess. They will feel welcomed, loved, and learn the value of doing things together as a family.

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