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Keep little ones safe: Prevent Unwanted Ingestion's

As our little ones become more agile and mobile, they may want to explore with their hands and mouths as a way to get to know their world. With that said, this part of development can be dangerous, if their little hands get a hold of a poisonous substance, small choking hazard, or even medicine left unsecured. So we must do all we can to be diligent about what we have sitting around our homes. Keep medication out of reach, and preferably locked away in a high cabinet. Keep small toys, or objects: ie. button batteries, coins, or magnets, out of your child's reach. Vacuum regularly, to keep your carpet/floors free of any loose small objects (Your lungs will thank you too!). Never place liquids in bottles that can be mistaken for drinks, as this can lead to unintended ingestion. Keep all potentially poisonous chemicals or substances labeled, so that if you are not around, no one will make a mistake.

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