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Juice Intake for Infants and Children

Fruit juice has become a common and enjoyable part of many of our little one's meals each day, but when is too much juice just too much, and how early should we give our infants juice drinks?

Be careful about the amount of juice you are giving your children and try not to introduce sugar sweetened drinks before 1 years old.

Even then, if you do introduce it, be sure you are not providing highly sweetened drinks with high fructose corn syrup. Choose natural organic fruit sweetened juices or provide water with a little added juice to increase the flavoring of the water.

Always be sure to brush teeth before going to bed, as the sugars in juices, and even the food eaten during the day, can build up as plaque on teeth, and provide an entry way for cavities.

Choose well, and provide in moderation, for your children.

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