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What Skill Do You Have That Will Add Value to Someone Else?

As a mom, there are so many opportunities for us to teach our children outside of the books, worksheets, readers, and materials that we normally use. There are opportunities to teach math, when baking, as you measure and follow recipes that call for certain specified amounts. There is science, when you watch the garden, and landscape changes after a refreshing summer rain. There is reading, and phonetic articulation as you look up and learn more about the butterfly or plant you saw, as you were playing in the yard. There is history, as you drive by the vast countryside, and historical buildings, wondering who once lived or tread upon those lands.

The learning possibilities are endless, and some are life changing, when you learn them as a child, as they can potentially flourish and grow into one's life work. As I watch now my 2 oldest baking a beautiful loaf of bread, or my youngest planting seeds in the garden, I am so grateful that they have been given the opportunity to learn these life skills. One day, they may in turn teach them to others, providing another cycle of life changing knowledge that we should all have.

As we live in these times of ever-increasing cost, and produce/product uncertainty, there is a pressing need to obtain order in our lives, skills for the family, and self-sufficiency habits. These are the things that really matter. Teaching our children, and family the skills that will carry them through.

The bread loaves shown, are what my two oldest made this week. All I did was literally manage the oven for them. They are now able to pick up a cookbook and follow through to the end of a recipe. There recent focus has been on breads, and pastries. They were inspired from classic cooking we have been watching as well, from superb chefs like Jacques Pépin.

It has been really amazing to see what they can do, and how fun it has been for them to accomplish skills, that even some of us as adults are not able to confidently complete as yet.

What life sustaining skills are you learning, or teaching your family and friends today?

See you again,

Monique Adu, DO FAAP



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