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Start Small in Your Garden

Since having started gardening just about 6 months now, I have already learned so much, harvested crops, replanted crops, moved things around, added new sections, and made plan changes for easier management.

Today, we added another section of crops and as I sat there sowing seeds into the ground, I realized it is so important to take small steps and pray for guidance and wisdom in order not to feel overwhelmed.

Our plan was to expand even further today, and sow even more areas into our space, but then I realized, if we do this, and all the plants come in for harvest at the same time, that will be an overloaded and extensive number of crops to process for the keeping of some, and the fresh eating of others. This could then turn into a loss, as the best way to eat crops is right then when harvested, as it is the most nutrient dense at that time, and it tends to lose vitality as time goes on, or if highly processed afterwards.

So, we shifted gear, and only planted in 3 chosen spots, and we will then plant the other succession about 3 weeks later, in order to give space for the crops to grow in separated times.

So, from my humble and early vantage point of being a new gardener, do not allow your gardening experience to become overwhelming, as it will likely lead to difficulties later on down the road.

If you find yourself feeling stressed out, take a step back, step away, and pray. Our Father is the Prince of Peace, and if you are not feeling calm, it is good to reassess and plug in to Him for guidance. God is the owner of the countless hills, fields and gardens on our earth, and knows exactly how to grow things, and the best way they should be done.

Another big thing I have learned as a new gardener, is not to be so strict with following the instructions on seed packets, as they are made and suggested by man, and temperature, climate, and environment, will greatly determine your specific outcomes as well.

For inspiration, some of the things we planted today were:

  1. Swiss chard

  2. Watermelon

  3. Kale

  4. Sunflowers

  5. Bok choy

  6. Tomatillos

  7. Pumpkins

Rest in His wise ways and seek the Father's hand in your garden today.

What are you doing today, to start your peaceful home garden?

More to come in future newsletters, about some handy techniques to use when planting your seeds or plants, to promote "Relational permaculture" in your space.

" I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2.



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