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Red Flag Signs of Child Abuse: What you Should Know

Child abuse, whether it be physical, mental, or verbal occurs more often than we can imagine. Surprisingly, it occurs most often between trusted family members, and those that we and our children trust. Some red flag signs are unexplained bruises, fractures, cuts, or scrapes.

This is especially so in infants that are not able to walk on their own as yet. Strange behavior from children, may suggest sexual or physical abuse: ie. children demonstrating sexual actions or statements that they would only know of, if exposed to particular occurrences, or viewings.

Of utmost importance for us as parents, medical providers, teachers, neighbors etc... is knowing that if we suspect something strange, we must report it to the appropriate authorities, such as child protective services, or the police.

We may be able to save a life, or at least get a family needed support, that they may never receive. Be alert, and aware.

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