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Bake Your Own Bread

Waking up to the smell of fresh baking bread, is so

welcoming and immediately lifts your spirit.

Moreso, a homemade bread that has exactly what you want in it, is best. No preservatives. No after taste, and made to your specifications. You can control the amount of sugar, and salt, and you can even add in some secrets to make your loaf soft, and wholesome.

My family invested in a grain mill to make this process even better.

A grain mill allows you to mill your own chosen grains, and add or mix-in to make a flour that your family enjoys.

Our choice has been a NutriMill and our choice of grains have been Hard Red Winter Wheat, and we especially enjoy Spelt; to name a few. Spelt, an ancient grain, in particular, is known to pack even more nutrients within, and has been a tasty and enjoyable option.

If your able, try to produce your own bread from start to finish. We also love to get our grain from great family owned companies such as Azure Standard; where you can choose from a variety of sizes of grain to sample and supply your families needs.



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