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Homeschool Unit Studies

Welcome, to my Homeschool Unit Studies Page. Here you will find multiple curriculum topics to engage, inspire, and teach your children necessary academic knowledge, and more importantly life skills. 

I am a Christian, and Pediatrician, turned Homeschool mom, always looking to find rich, enlightening, and meaningful resources for my children, and yours. Hence, how my unit studies were born. If I could not find it, I wanted to create it. If I can save you some of this work and time, while
delivering to you rich content, then I have been truly blessed,
and accomplished my goal.

WHY are my Unit Studies Different? 

In my unit studies, you will find that I go deeper than the typical way, into
certain topics in order to teach our children, important life skills, facts, and
information that they can use to sustain themselves, and others one day.


For example, in my bee unit study, we delve into the topic of allergies, anaphylaxis, immune response, and honey as a medicine. 

The content is always wholesome and it is what I literally use for teaching
my own children.

The unit studies can be used from Pre-K through Highschool, and taught
together as a family.

If interested, just let me know! 

"Blessed is the man who has found wisdom, And the man who gets
understanding; For the gain from it is better Than gain from silver,

And its increase than fine gold." Proverbs 3:13-14

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