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Pediatric Medical Students and Residents Page

So, you are either a medical student or resident? An Allied health professional, or a seeker of information, wanting to gain a better handle on Pediatric medical care?

As a Pediatrician, and someone that has been in your shoes many years ago. I know how it felt to be pretty much thrown into the life of medicine, having to care for my own number of patients. I worked on little sleep, being a new mom for my own growing family, and wanting to make sure I did not make a medical decision, that could cost someone dearly.


At that time, it would have been so helpful to have someone there that I could listen to, and glean pearls of wisdom from, especially when it came to the enormous amount of medical information that we just need to grasp in order to care for patients. 

With that said, welcome! Please find yourself at home here and peruse the videos that I will be adding to this page. They will cover some of the most basic and necessary Pediatric medicine tips that you need to successfully treat many of the patients you will be taking care of. 

They will be filled with solid medical information, and clear and easy ways to grasp the concepts needed to care for Pediatric patients and pass your exams. Because they are in a video format, you will be able to download and listen to them as you drive, or in your own free time. Of course, it takes work, determination, and applied wisdom to accomplish all these things to make a meaningful difference.


However, it all begins with one step in the right direction, and I hope to help you get there. 

All the best on this once in a lifetime journey, 

Dr. Monique Adu, DO FAAP 

Pediatric Medical Review Videos

Free Patient Case Video:
Fever in a
2-week-old Female
Free Patient Case Video: Limp and Joint Pain in a 5-year old boy
Free Patient Case Video:
Recurrent cough
and Pneumonia in a 10 yo Female

Stay Tuned for more Videos and

Online Learning to Come!!!

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